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  • In this clip, Horomona Horo, master Taonga Pūoro(traditional Maori instruments) composer and musician demonstrates and fuses the purerehua with guitar. He is...
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  • Purerehua is a traditional Māori musical instrument made of wood, stone or bone attached to a long string. This one is made of Kauri and measures 242mm long x 56mm wide. Carved on both sides by Master carver James Rickard
  • A list of other Maori Songs that are provided by the folksong.org.nz site @ maori.org.nz
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    Purerehua, cadis fly Puruhi, flea Puwerewere, spider. Syn. with Puauwere Pungawerewere, spider. Syn. with Puwerewere Pungoungou, large chry-salis Pango, large meat fly Pika, nit. Pi-ia, nit. Syn. with Pika Piki, the eggs of the louse Po, mantis. It is a native saying, if a married wo-man sees this insect she will conceive Tarakihi, locust ...

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    Purerehua by Dr Hirini Melbourne, Performed by Ojasvin Kingi Davis, Animation by Tamati Ihaka. Pürerehua rere runga hau Papaki parirau Rere runga hau (Ka pik...

    A Leaf from the Natural History of New Zealand; or, A Vocabulary of its Different Productions, &c., &c., With Their Native Names. by Richard Taylor, M.A., F.G.S. Wellington, New Zealand Printed and Published by Robert Stokes, at the Office of the “New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian,” Manners-Street, TE ARO; and Published by J. Williamson, “New Zealander Office,” Auckland ...

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    Aug 21, 2018 · Warren will give a full demonstration of the whanau (family) of ngā taonga pūoro (Māori musical instruments). Includes histories, information about materials, construction and playing. 3 hours duration. One-on-one individualised session. Or bring up to 5 friends/family/students with you. Date in April/May/June, by agreement. Includes:

    A list of other Maori Songs that are provided by the folksong.org.nz site @ maori.org.nz

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    Jan 08, 2010 · The New Zealand Maori called them purerehua. The bullroarer was made of a thin, flat piece of wood, shaped in elliptical form with pointed ends. A cord about a metre or so in length was attached to one end and the other end was attached to a handle - although this didn't appear to be necessary for the success of the ones made in the workshop.

    The Purerehua can be made of bone, wood or stone, they are blade-like and swing on a long cord A group of young Maori kids performing at a Kapa Haka competition. The instrument is called a...

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    The purerehu, or rangorango (named after its buzzing sound like that of the rango or blowfly) is a bullroarer. The purerehua belongs to the wind family of instruments.

    Jan 08, 2012 · The above instrument is a tōkere pipi. The pikao loops go over the fingers and the instrument is played much like a castenet. The pikao is from the Big Sandhill and the shells from Martin Creek. Im unsure if this was played in the South, but Ive always wanted to make some. There is a wooden example in Auckland Museum.

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    Maori Purerehua wind instrument from New Zealand The Purerehua can be made of bone, wood or stone, they are blade-like and swing on a long cord producing a loud, deep whirling that can be heard from a dista...

    Agricultural implements. Musical instruments — flutes, trumpets, wooden gongs, drums. Personal adornment—ornaments for the head, hair, ear, neck, breast. Tattooing—implements. designs. Decorative art—plaiting, tattooing, carving, painting. Comparisons. List of Books and Papers referred to in the Text 373-374 Index 375-384

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    a couple examples of maori instruments are . . . Poi, Kalabash, Koauau, Purerehua, Pakuru and Putorino.

    Sep 15, 2017 · Making a wind instrument from items you probably have around your home is a fun project for kids and parents. Teachers also can guide students in making a homemade wind instrument in order to teach about the science of sound or instrument families.

en betekenissen van dit oeroude instrument dat overal in de wereld voorkomt . totaal aantal eigennamen: 533 (bijgewerkt tot december 2010) (in plaats van ´zoemhout´ (= rhombus, klassieke eigennaam) kunnen de . hieronder gegeven eigennamen ook bestaan voor: zoemijzer ♦, zoembot, zoemivoor, zoemstaaf, zoemmetaal,
Unique to Aotearoa, the pūtōrino functions both as both a bugle and a flute with a wide tonal range. The cocoon shaped pūtōrino is the home of Hine Raukatauri, the goddess of flute music.
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The track is performed by Horomona Horo who uses a traditional Maori wind instrument known as the purerehua which creates a buzzing sound. He is accompanied by Rodger Cunningham who fuses the sound with a guitar.